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Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads

Crew Members


Captain - Krista Boatman

First Mate - Brenda Nichols

Quarter Master - Mike Lausin

Booty Master - Katy Burns

Scribe -  Christy Simpson

Historian - Tina Schukar

Memebers at Large

Julie Sperl

Paige Kirchner

Jim Masloski

Upcoming Events

Crew Bike Ride - Monday & Thursday Mornings @ 8:30am Meet at the Post Office

Club Meetings - 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Luau at the Lake - August 20, 2022

Funding Requests

NCCPH entertains funding requests for worthy purposes consistent with our mission.  Consideration of such requests is entirely at the discretion of NCCPH.

To request consideration for NCCPH funding you should submit a written request to the Executive Crew at least 30 days prior to the date funds are needed (special circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis with less than 30 days lead time).  You can make a funding request no more often that once every six months (or once every 11 months if requested for special circumstances).

Written requests for funding should be no longer than one page in length and should include at a minimum the requester’s name and contact information, purpose of the request, amount of funding requested, and when funding is needed.

Party with a Purpose!
Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads
PO Box 1536
Craig, CO 81626