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               Margaritaville Radio!

Listen to Jimmy's Songs Here !

Congratulate our

New Executive Crew Members

Captain - Rob Schenck

First Mate - Dave Pike

Quarter Master - Dory Brown

Booty Master - Katy Burns

Scribe -  David Morris

Historian - Janele Husband

Memebers at Large

Julie Sperl

Mike Lausin

Krista Boatman

Spy wit' ye eye
what we be up to!


What's Coming Up Next You Ask?

Earth Day Tree Planting at Elkhead - April 25

Spring Highway Pickup

Grand Old West Days

River Trash Pickup

Luau @ The Lake

Welcome to Northwest Colorado

Chapter of Parrotheads!!!

We are Northwest Colorado's leader in Parrotheads and Colorado's second Nationally recognized chapter. We were chartered in 2008 and are sitting over 100 strong in members. As a club we are dedicated to supplying music to our local schools in the form of scholarships, repairing and replacing instruments. We also have dedicated ourselves to cleaning and maintaining the environment, especially our waterways. But as you know, those silly PHlockers are always up to something, so please look around our website and when you are finished, go to our application page and SIGN-UP today!

Earth Day event coming April 25 at Elkhead Reservior! 10 AM - 2 PM

We will be planting new trees and bushes at the new campground! 

Grab your gloves and shovel and come out for this event!

BBQ Potluck and cornhole games after the planting!

Flower Pots Sales are coming up soon! 

This year's selcetion will include bright reds, oranges, and yellow flowers

for a Spicy Collection of Flower Heads!

Spring Highway Cleanup

Crooks Camping Crew!

After The Holidaze Party!

Thanks to the Fall Highway trash pickup crew!

Hwy 318 never looked so good!

Those PHlockers picked up trash on over 25 miles of road on October 5!

That's a lot of trash!

Bubba's Beach
             Bubba's Beach

Little Yampa Canyon

New Campsite Named

Suzanne Brinks at Bubba's Beach.

So named after her late husband

and our Beloved Parrothead,

Michael "Bubba" Brinks.